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Everybody Loves Ice Cream

Three scoops, please! EVERYBODY LOVES ICE CREAM: THE WHOLE SCOOP ON AMERICA’S FAVORITE TREAT (Emmis Books, $19.99, July 2004) by Shannon Jackson Arnold is a travel book, a cookbook, and a pop culture history all in one. Whether you’re looking for a great ice cream stand nearby, a recipe for rocky road, or what makes an ice cream “superpremium,” you’ll find it here.

Packed with more than 120 nostalgic photos, 115 easy-to-fix recipes, and 550 listings of the best ice cream parlors in the USA, this charming book is a celebration of America’s love affair with ice cream and the essential guide for ice cream lovers everywhere. You'll find everything from factory tours to making egg creams, from definitions for various frozen desserts to soda jerk jargon. No other book offers such a comprehensive look at all things ice cream.

EVERYBODY LOVES ICE CREAM offers readers a “parfait” look at every aspect of this beloved dessert. Find out:

• Where and how ice cream was invented
• How to prevent brain freeze
• How manufacturers make ice cream
• What country offers ice cream in such flavors as ox tongue, chicken wing and cactus
• How you can make your own ice cream (and your own toppings and fountain creations, too)
• How and where to order ice cream from online micro-creameries for parties and events

Revealing ice cream’s mysterious, ancient beginnings, all the way up to our modern-day love affair with ‘boutique’ brands, freeze-dried dots, and ice cream memorabilia, EVERYBODY LOVES ICE CREAM is a mouth-watering, informative and delightful look at our favorite frozen treat.

The book was published by Emmis Books in July 2004. It is available wherever books are sold or online at such e-tailers as www.amazon.com or www.bn.com or


For more information on the book, emailinfo@everybodylovesicecream.com

Get your copy today wherever books are sold or online at such e-tailers as:
www.amazon.com www.bn.com




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