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Everybody Loves Ice Cream:

• Ice cream boosterism rose during World War I, after a newspaper quoted a German officer asserting, "We do not fear that nation of ice cream eaters."

• Immigrants arriving to Ellis Island in the 1920s were given ice cream as part of a typical American menu. Some new arrivals mistakenly spread this "frozen butter" on their bread.

Be a Jerk with Your Kids

Teach your kids how to serve up a hot fudge sundae or a real cherry Coke at the Avalon Diner in the suburbs of Houston. They offer soda jerk classes Monday throughThursday evenings (713-838-2500, www.avalondiner.com). At the Old Town Slidell Soda Shop in Louisiana, there’s a weeklong soda jerk camp for kids each summer (985-649-4806, www.slidellsodashop.com).

• One of the first flavors William Dreyer and confectioner Joseph Edy developed was Rocky Road. It debuted in 1929 and was so named because of the hard times caused by the Great Depression.

• Have a scround around? You probably do, or have at some point. Scrounds are the industry term for the increasingly common, square-round half-gallon ice cream container.

• The average number of licks to finish a single scoop cone: 50

• More ice cream is sold on Sunday than any other day of week.

• Children ages two through 12 and adults over age 45 eat the most ice cream.

• The 1929 edition of the classic Boston Cooking-School Cook Book by Fannie Merrit Farmer includes recipes for maraschino ice, pomegranate ice, quince ice cream, brown bread ice cream, orange pekoe ice cream and a clam frappé that calls for 20 clams and 1/2 cup of cold water. o In Newark, New Jersey, it is illegal to eat ice cream after 6 P.M. without a doctor’s note.


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Featured Recipes

The great thing about no-cook recipes is that you're less than a half-hour away from licking fresh ice cream off the dasher. These reciptes are the perfect backdrop for adding mix-ins.

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